Top 7 Poisonous Encounters in Nature

Poison is all around us, but through instinct or teaching we manage to avoid it in our everyday lives. Here are seven of our favorite poisonous things that you should sidestep at all costs.

Top 5 Venomous Encounters in Nature

Venom is the word for poison that is injected, and animals have evolved some nifty ways to deliver their venom. Here's our top 5 list of unexpected venomous creatures on the planet.

The Dracula of Wasps

The tarantula hawk, found in Utah, is a page out of a collection of horror stories. Beautiful, huge, painful, and parasitic - it's a wasp that tops the Sting Pain Index and finds its way into NHMU's "The Power of Poison" exhibit.
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From a Utah Hike: A Carolina Wolf Spider Story

We don't often associate arachnids and maternal care, but our Invertebrate Collections Manager, Christy Bills, shares a story about an intimidating spider found here in Utah that might just melt your heart.
Tags: bugs, poison

Jar of Snakes

It's perhaps the spookiest Halloween decoration ever. Our Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Eric Rickart, explains what's in this jar of snakes.

Mountain Mahogany: One Tough Rose

Curl-Leaf Mountain Mahogany is a high-elevation evergreen found throughout Utah and the western U.S. The fact that it's actually a part of the rose family is just one of its remarkable traits.
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Goshute Burden Basket

A new addition to our Collections Wall: a very large Goshute burden basket made sometime in the late 1800s - early 1900s. Learn about it's function and provenance.

Indian Art Market 2016: Jesse D. Johnson, Best of Show Winner

Congratulations to Jesse D. Johnson for winning Best of Show in the October 2016 Indian Art Market. Here is a description of the artist and his work in his own words.

Indian Art Market 2016: Jeremy Rosetta, 2nd Place Winner

Congratulations to Jeremy Rosetta for winning 2nd place in the 2016 Indian Art Market. Here is a description of Jeremy and his work.

Indian Art Market 2016: Susan Hudson, 3rd Place Winner

Congratulations to Susan Hudson, who won 3rd place at the Indian Art Market in October 2016. Here is a description of her work as told by the artist herself.