Forms & Policies

Although our Museum is now also known as the Natural History Museum of Utah, Collections & Research will continue to use the UMNH acronym for all collections activities.

Repository Forms

Please read the Repository Policy and Procedures in preparation for applying.

     1. Repository Agreement Request Form

This form is the first step in the process of entering into a repository agreement with UMNH.   We now have a user-friendly (online) process for submissions. Please do not make multiple submissions. Upon paying, you will receive a confirmation that the form was submitted. Forms will not be processed without the submission of all pertinent information as detailed on form. Please make sure your updated short CV is on file and that you have updated me with the status of your last agreement with the museum. Please allow 2 weeks to process.

     2. Accession Form, Field Collection

Use this form when requesting an accession number for fieldwork generated collections.  This form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's office at the end of each annual field season if collections were generated. As a part of all submissions, a copy of your permit(s) must be sent to . This also lets me know you submitted. All Paleo submissions require a preliminary inventory, a template can be downloaded here as an Excel sheet. This will need to be attached to an email to be submitted with the accession form.   Allow at least two weeks for processing. Please save a copy of your filled form and include with permits in email and inventory (for paleo).

     3. Reposited Collections Inventory Form

Use this form to accompany collections to be reposited under a Repository Agreement.  When repositing collections, schedule an appointment with the Registrar's office at least two weeks in advance.  Appointments must be scheduled so that BOTH the registrar and collection manager are present. Complete a Reposited Collection Inventory form for each accession number assigned and submit a form prior to drop off, to ensure everything is in order. Then bring a copy of the form, required fees and collections to your scheduled appointment at UMNH.

Destructive Analysis Request Form

Use this form to request permission to conduct partial or complete destructive analysis using UMNH collections.  Requests must be approved before loan paperwork can be processed.  Submit a complete, signed form in conjunction with a current CV and research proposal to the appropriate Curator or the Registrar's office.

Image Reproduction Request Form

Use this form to request permission to use images of objects from the UMNH collections for electronic or printed publication.  Please allow two - three weeks for processing. Submit a complete form to the Registrar's office.

Collections Management Policy