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On-Demand Classes

Research Quest On-Demand Classes enable students to complete an investigation with the help of a professional NHMU educator.

To access any of our On-Demand classes, please click one of the links below. Classes are available 24/7. From the class details page, you can download and print the Research Assistant Notebook required for that class.

Here's how to take a Research Quest On-Demand class:

  • Click on the On-Demand class you want to take. 
  • Download and print the Research Assistant notebook.
  • Click on the Access the Research Quest Class link.
  • Enter the Student Access Code: RQARCHIVE once the On-Demand class loads.
  • Click play in the video stream viewer.
  • Have fun!
  • After class, visit the Student Certificate page to share your findings and request your Certificate of Completion 

Questions or need help? Contact the Research Quest Team.

The Mysteries of Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Change in the Uinta Mountains: Normal or Not?

Q & A Sessions