Where the Black Widow Plays Near the Velcro Weed

NHMU Wildflower Walks are a fantastic way to spend 45 minutes in the foothills. Held each April and May, they occur on Wednesdays.

Power Tools of the Trade: Paleontology

We might think of dental picks and brushes when it comes to excavating fossils, but at times paleontologists have to use some large power tools to move rock.

Collections Manager Tip #389: Don’t Shellac the Mammoth Tusk

It may have been an accepted technique long ago, but we’ve got better ways to preserve and maintain our fossils.

Friends in High Spaces

It's good to have friends in high spaces, especially when they're astronauts. NHMU welcomed Mark and Scott Kelly for an evening of informal conversation from the International Space Station.

Indian Art Market 2015: Norman Lansing, 3rd Place Winner

Norman Lansing is one of the leading contemporary Native American Indian scraffito artists. He delicately incises, or carves, his spiritually inspired artwork on hand-molded pottery pieces.

Indian Art Market 2015: Gilmore Scott, 2nd Place Winner

Gilmore Scott is a painter who works with strong, bold colors. He paints high southwest desert and plains landscapes, traditional baskets, traditional Navajo homes known as Hogan, and geometric designs that Navajo rug weavers are known for.

Indian Art Market 2015: Andy Marion, 1st Place Winner

A third-generation Navajo silversmith, Andy Marion works with raw silver and gold, brass, and copper to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Indian Art Market 2013: Pahponee, 2nd Place Winner

Pahponee is one of the top Native American potters and has been working with clay since the early 1980s. Her style is elegant and graceful, and her one-of-a-kind pottery is inspired by her dreams and personal life experiences.