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Step 2: Prepare For Your Field Trip

Your field trip to the Natural History Museum of Utah is coming up! We are excited to have your class visit us and explore our incredible exhibitions. Use the resources below to prepare students, lead explorers, and get ready for an amazing field trip! 

Prepare Lead Explorers
Student Welcome Video
Pre-Visit Activities
Free Teacher Preview

Prepare Lead Explorers

The Natural History Museum of Utah calls chaperones Lead Explorers. Well-prepared Lead Explorers are essential for a successful visit. We appreciate their willingness to volunteer their time to help make student field trips possible. Use the information in the following sections to help recruit and prepare your Lead Explorers so they have an awesome experience too!

Lead Explorer Welcome Video

Share the video below with all Lead Explorers (chaperones) before the field trip to the Natural History Museum of Utah. This video will help prepare chaperones to lead their group through Museum explorations and create a safe, memorable visit for all. 


Lead Explorer FAQs

Click the questions below for answers.

Lead Explorers guide students on a journey of discovery and help students make observations using their senses. During their field trip, we want students to get M.O.R.E. out of their experience. We ask them to:

  • Model museum mode by using quiet voices and displaying calm bodies
  • Observe using their senses (see, touch, smell, and hear)
  • Respect each other, Museum staff and volunteers, the building and visitors, and Lead Explorers
  • Explore and engage in exhibits while staying with their Lead Explorer

Please be sure to share the Lead Explorer Welcome Video with all chaperones to help prepare them for their visit. To help communicate your expectations with your chaperones please use the Lead Explorer Guide linked below. The Lead Explorer Guide has spaces for student names, lunchtimes, and other useful information to prepare your Lead Explorers.

Lead Explorer Guide

We have found the following adult to student ratios to be optimal for students, Lead Explorers, and teachers to have the best museum experience:

Pre-K and Lower Elementary: 1 adult: 4 students
Upper Elementary and Middle School: 1 adult: 6 students
High School: No fewer than 1 adult: 10 students

Does it cost to bring extra Lead Explorers?

Thanks to the generous support of the Utah Legislature chaperones are FREE* for Utah public and charter schools. There is no limit to the number of chaperones you can bring; however, we recommend the above adult to student ratios for the best experience for everyone.

* Up to 40,000 students on a first-come, first-served reservation basis. Check your confirmation email for final costs for field trips. 

To ensure students have the best possible museum experience, we ask that chaperones not bring students' siblings during the field trip. However, we understand that sometimes it's not feasible to have adequate chaperones without bringing younger siblings. If it is unavoidable, please encourage chaperones to use frontpack or backpack carriers and discourage the use of strollers.

Student Welcome Video

Help your students get M.O.R.E. out of their field trip by watching the video below in class before your field trip. Use the video below to review Museum behaviors, set expectations, and create field trip excitement. 


Pre-Visit Activities

Begin to dive into NHMU's exhibitions and prepare students for their field trip with virtual field trips and pre-visit activities. Looking for more ways to extend the classroom learning? Check out the resources in Step 4! 

A play iconVirtual Field Trips

These videos provides students with a sneak peak of the NHMU exhibitions through virtual experiences developed and led by our own expert scientists and educators. Here, you can visit our permanent exhibits and our past special exhibitions.

Explore Virtual Field Trips


These activities allow students to hone their science skills before coming to the Museum. Junior Science Academy classes should complete at least one of the following activities before their visit.

Igniting Inquiry
Observation vs Inference

Free Teacher Preview

Curious about the NHMU exhibitions? Interested in visit before your field trip to create activities or plan for classroom connections? Plan a Free Teacher Preview with your team to plan for your field trip - email the field trip team to request a discount code for free admission. 

Still have questions? Email The Field Trip Team.