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Reservations recommended. Reserve tickets here.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Visit

There is so much to see and do during a field trip to the Natural History Museum of Utah! Get the most out of your visit by using the activities below and reviewing field trip logistics. 

NHMU Student Activities

Use the below student actiivites to explore NHMU's permanent galleries. 

Student Guides:

K-2nd Grade: What do I Eat? 
3rd-5th Grade: Exhibit Explorers. For this self-guide we recommend choosing a couple of exhibits for students to explore in depth. Download activities for the galleries below. 

Past Worlds
Great Salt Lake
First Peoples
Native Voices

6th-8th Grade: Food Webs
6th-8th Grade: Land Change Over Time

Teacher and Chaperone Companion Guides: 

K-2nd Grade: What do I Eat? Companion Guide
3rd-5th Grade: Exhibit Explorers. Companion Guide
6th-8th Grade: Food Webs. Companion Guide
6th-8th Grade: Land Change Over Time. Companion Guide

Create your Own Field Trip Activity

Natural History Museum of Utah educators have observed that students, Lead Explorers, and teachers have the best field trip experiences when they:

  1. Focus on one particular exhibit or topic in-depth rather than trying to see and do it all.
  2. Include:

  • Pre-visit component

  • During visit component

  • Post-visit component

Teachers can visit the Museum for FREE to help plan their field trip. Interested? Email the Field Trip Team for a discount code for free admission. 

Angkor: Empire of Cambodia Special Exhibit

October 22, 2022 to April 23, 2023

In addition to our permanent galleries, field trips can visit the Museum's temporary special exhibit at NO additional cost.

Click here for Student Guides and other Educator Resources!

To learn more about our permanent exhibits and upcoming special exhibitions, click here.


During your visit our STEM Lab drop-in space may be available! Learn more about the current activity and schedule on the STEM Lab webpage.

Field Trip Logistics

We hope you enjoy your visit to NHMU and discover something new about the world around you. To help ensure a smooth and successful field trip for all please review the following: 

Remember to get MORE out of your field trip. 

M: Museum Mode. Please have calm bodies and quiet voices while at the Museum. 
O: Observe. Use your senses to discover new things. Make sure to think before you touch to protect object. Also, all food, drink, and gum are not permitted in the Galleries. 
R: Respect. Students, Lead Explorers, and Teachers are expected to respect each other and the policies of NHMU. Students in Elementary, Middle, and Junior High are required to stay with chaperones at all times. 
E: Explore Exhibits. There are so many things to learn and discover! What can you learn that is new? 


Lunch or snack spaces are avaiilable by reservation only due to partnerships with other NHMU programming, pest management policies, and covid precautions. Groups without a lunch space reservation may not eat on Museum property. Looking to add a lunch space reservation to your field trip reservation? Email the Field Trip Team. Interested in a nearby park for a picnic? Click here to learn about a few of our favorites!

Lunch spaces are not available during summertime due to summer camp programming.