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NHMU Internship Descriptions

This list provides descriptions of various internship opportunities at the Natural History Museum of Utah. 


Interns in Anthropology/Archaeology work on projects relating to the collections and the ongoing research interests of the curatorial staff in the museum or in the field. The department’s collections and research are focused on the human history of western North America.


Our Botany internships aim to expose students, interested in a museum career, to collecting specimens, digitization techniques, and fighting noxious and non-native weeds.


Entomology internships focus on collecting specimens, inventory, digitization, and contributing to the scientific research that takes place at the museum. 


The intern will gain experience in inventory, curation, photography, data entry, and preparation of fossil specimens in the museum collections. 

Vertebrate Zoology

Vertebrate Zoology internships focus on collecting small mammals from the field. When specimens reach NHMU from the field, interns will assist in the preparation and cataloging, storage, and research use of the specimen.

Museum Collection Care

This internship is for those interested in collections management, with special emphasis on how to collect, catalogue, and care for museum collections. 

Other Collection-Based Research

Programs and Experiences for Public Visitors

This internship is for those interested in providing administrative support in programs and experiences for public visitors. This can include gallery hosting, public events (festivals, family programming, Behind the Scenes event, etc.), and private events (wedding, corporate rentals, and more).  

Programs and Experiences for K-12 Visitors

Interns in Programs and Experiences for K-12 Visitors will facilitate education programs with K-12 students and teachers; assist with the development, evaluation, and refinement of NHMU’s K-12 student and teacher science education programs; deliver field trip programs and engage with field trip visitors; and cleaning and organizing educational materials and tools. The intern will gain experience and knowledge of training methods and communication skills to conduct educational activities and/or training sessions in a clear and concise manner.

Exhibition Design and Creation

Internships in Exhibition Design and Creation are for those interested in conducting content research for the development of exhibition narrative, educational programming, and/or published materials. This internship will provide students the opportunity to collaborate with design and fabrication teams and be introduced to the skills and techniques of exhibition mounting, installation, and maintenance. The intern will also gain experience participating in evaluation and remediation of existing exhibits as well as development of new exhibit projects.

Public Relations/Media/Communications

Students interested in assisting with public relations/communications projects will benefit from this internship. Public Relations/Media/Communications interns will utilize creative writing to prepare a variety of press materials; distribute information in a timely fashion to members of the press; and use PR tactics to positively position the Museum among its key audiences. Some other duties include: working directly with Museum staff and media outlets to write and post detailed public service copy to key calendar statewide, writing press releases, fact sheets, and news advisories for selected on-site events, and working with media to place stories. The intern will gain experience with web-based Press Room and be responsible for updating the site with current information. The intern will work to strengthen professional relationships with editors and reporters and assists in the stewardship of community and media underwriting sponsors. The intern will also have the opportunity to work with an outside PR/Advertising agency.

Marketing/Graphic and Visual Design

These internships are for those who are interested in a Marketing/Graphic and Visual Design career. Student interns will design a wide range of artistic material such as signs, banners, posters, brochures, billboards, and web graphics using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and Microsoft Office Suite in the Macintosh environment. Students will gain experience in producing art for assigned projects, arranging visuals, copy, etc. in available space to maximize impact, and complete press checks to maintain design quality and accuracy.

Information Technology

Internships in Information Technology provides student interns the opportunity to provide desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device user support for Mac and PC, troubleshoot hardware, software and networking problems, and support all audiovisual and electronic components of the Museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Nonprofit Business Management

Interns will learn the nuts and bolts of managing a Museum. The intern will  assist in collaborating and setting long- and short-term financial goals and data analysis to ensure fiscally successful enterprises that best represent the Museum brand.

Organizational Staff/Volunteer Management

This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to recruit, hire, retain, and manage diverse staff and volunteers.

Philanthropy (Membership and Fundraising)

Student interns help to raise the private funds necessary to support the diverse work of the Museum. Interns will assist with, and learn about, NHMU’s philanthropic efforts - Museum Membership, the Copper Club, the Annual Gala, special events including exhibition openings, and more. Interns will also have the opportunity to learn and develop a wide range of essential skills including: membership fulfillment, renewals, and new member acquisition, data entry and gift processing using industry-standard fundraising software; preparing for, planning, and executing fundraising events; and more.

Facility Care and Maintenance

Assist in the facility and grounds strategies for the Museum. Learn the skills and knowledge of ensuring the long-term stewardship, management, and oversight of the Museum. Interns will learn the skills in preparing and implementing an effective maintenance program for the building, gardens, and equipment.

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