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Range Creek Field Station


The Range Creek Field Station, was established in 2009. It is managed by the Natural History Museum of Utah.  Museum staff collaborate with colleagues from the University of Utah Departments of Anthropology and Geography, to form a multidisciplinary coalition of researchers, educators, and individuals investigating the natural and human history of this remarkable place.

Archaeological Field School
University of Utah Archaeological Field School

Each summer since 2003 the U of U Archaeological Field School provides student's instruction in archaeological method and theory, Fremont prehistory, paleoenvironemntal reconstruction, basic GPS and GIS technology, survey methods, exeperimental research, and excavation techniques.

Graduate School in Anthropology
Graduate School in Anthropology

Graduate students, especially those with an archaeological focus, are encouraged to participate in research at the field station, by designing and implementing projects that investigate variability in past human behavior.  Projects exploring the costs and benefits of hoarding behavior, GIS based catchment analysis, ceramic sourcing, and vandalism prevention are just a few of those that have been implemented. 

Field Studies for Geographers
University of Utah Field Studies for Geographers

The U of U Geography Department offers a 10 day field course Paleoenvironmental Field Methods for Geographers conducted in conjunction with the archaeological field school.  Led by Professor Larry Coats the program is designed to teach methods used by paleo-researchers to reconstruct past environments on local and regional scales.  Students receive training in a variety of field techniques including survey and mapping with an emphasis on sample collection, description and analysis.

Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Utah Department of Geology & Geophysics

Under the guidance of Professor Cari Johnson, the Sedimentary Geology Research Group at the University of Utah is studying the geology of Range Creek. Rocks exposed in Range Creek Canyon are Paleocene to Middle Eocene age (~65-45 Ma), ranging from the Paleocene Flagstaff limestone (exposed at the south end of the canyon) to the Paleocene-Eocene Colton Formation.  Eocene Green River Formation is exposed in the Valley Mountain plateau area, above ~2600 m elevation.

Collaborative Projects and Independent Research
Collaborative Projects and Independent Research

  Range Creek Technology andRange Creek Archaeology and Technological Advances



Environmental Monitoring

Beginning in 2011, the Field Station has coordinated monitoring studies designed to provide quantitative baseline data to better manage its conservation values.