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Stories from Egypt

Join NHMU as we take a deeper dive into the world of Ancient Egypt through four videos available on our YouTube channel, and eight short articles on the NHMU blog. 

Mummies in the Making: Conversation and Demonstration

A talk by Egyptologist Dr. Alicia Cunningham-Bryant. Image below is a fossilized crocodile from our special exhibition. 

Watch Here

Talking Trees: Love Songs from Ancient Egypt

A talk by Egyptologist Cynthia May Sheikholeslami.

Watch Here

Hollywood Fantasies, Egyptian Realities

A talk by Egyptologist Dr. Stuart Tyson Smith.

Watch Here

Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths

A talk by Egyptologist Dr. Regine Schulz

Watch Here

Read the following posts:

Egypt's Nile Is Home to a Special Crocodile

Makeup in Ancient Egypt

Natural History and the Nile

When Mummification Was For the Birds

A companion post to the talk by Alicia Cunningham-Bryan. 

Ancient Egyptian Love Songs Connect Romance Across Time

A companion post to the talk by Cynthia May Sheikholeslami.

What Would an Ancient Egyptian Date Night Look Like?

How Hollywood Turned Mummies Into Monsters

A companion post to the talk by Stuart Tyson Smith.

How Ancient Egyptians Understood the World

A companion post to the talk by Regine Schulz.